Cybernation; a Zoids doujinshi site
Cybernation; a Zoids doujinshi site

Welcome to Cybernation (name ripped off from the third Zoids soundtrack), the dusty corner of the web housing my Zoids doujinshi collection. This archive is far from complete, so check back from time to time for more books. The image above is from the doujinshi "Raven". The books on this site are for your reference and most of them are not for sale, however I am parting with a few (along with some titles from other series) over at my online store. I'm also open to trades for the books on sale.

If you're here, you probably know what doujinshi are. If you don't, they're fan produced comics, mainly Japanese in origin, although there are some English ones out there. Still confused or want to know more? Go and google "doujinshi", you'll probably come across a site that will better explain what it is.

A word of warning: I have no Japanese language skills whatsoever. On that note summaries aren't even summaries, they're just comments on the content and whatnot based on the few bits I can read and what I can decipher from the art (of which I could be completely mistaken). Please feel free to correct any mistranslated or incorrectly romanized titles.

So, you might ask, why do I collect something I can't read? Truth be told, it's the pictures. Some of art is just gorgeous and I have an interest in Zoids that is just not healthy. Besides, it's fun (when it doesn't drive me insane) to try and translate.

Also scans will be limited to front and back covers. Why won't I scan it in it's entirety? Mainly because this site is suppose to be a guide to help you know what's out there, not a scan/scanlation archive. Other reasons include: [1] the fact that the art isn't mine and [2] not wanting to ruin books that I paid an arm and leg for.

And finally, even though I didn't create them (I wish I could draw half as well as some of these artists!) please do not take scans for use elsewhere without asking.

December 23, 2015    Yes, an update after seven years! Unfortunately no new scans (at the moment), just some tweaked some code and updated my contact info.

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