Cybernation; a Zoids doujinshi site
Cybernation; a Zoids doujinshi site
Title: Psychomacine
Circle / Artist / Author: Cutie Doll / Aosaki Ratona
Size: B5     Pages: 50
Type: Gag / Serious
Series: Zoids, Guardian Force
Published: December 29, 2000
A collection of stories from two circles. It's mainly gags and sketches featuring all the main characters. Has one serious Raven/Liese story. The book also has a "caption-this" style game were you get to fill in the dialogue and a hidden picture puzzle. Also, the scanner couldn't pick it up, but the kana on the cover is actually a psychadelic-foil material.

Title: Raven
Circle / Artist / Author: Clockworks
Size: B5     Pages: 52
Type: Gag / Serious
Series: Zoids
Published: May 7, 2000
Raven-centric book. Has two cute little Ban and the gang focused gags, one of which Ban seems to go to great lengths to give Fine a present after his first attempt goes badly. One of the Raven-centric gags seems to take place in an AU where he actually goes and lives with Ban and his sister and is plauged by a salt-wielding Fairy!Fine. The serious story of the bunch either has Raven killing a child or just watching the girl die. Either way, it seems to feed into his hatred of Zoids.

Title: Raven
Circle / Artist / Author: --
Size: B5     Pages: 38
Type: Normal / Serious
Series: Zoids, Guardian Force
Published: January 7, 2001
Like the above book with the same title, this is also a Raven-centric book. The main story seems to chronicle Raven's inital meeting with Ban and Fine to just before he reappears in the GF half of the series. Another story seems to have Karl trying to reach out to Raven (it looks like perhaps it's because Raven reminds him of Thomas?) It's times like these I wish I was literate in Japanese because I'm not sure if the ending's suppose to be devastating or funny.

Title: Rou-tine Trouble
Circle / Artist / Author: Ryu-ga Syuragi / Landa Giga
Size: B5     Pages: 46
Type: Normal + Novel
Series: Zoids
Published: August 2000
Set sometime during the quest to bring Rudolf back to the Empire. Our little gang takes a break only to have Ban sneak off without letting anyone know (well Sieg knows but Ban, in his infinite wisdom, tells him to keep quiet). Elsewhere, Hermann and O'Connell are driving along when they hear a noise. During their investigation Hermann gets captured by a gang who has also captured Ban. Irvine, who was sent by Moonbay to look for Ban, comes across O'Connell and together they rescue their captured comrades.

Title: Schwarz Theater
Circle / Artist / Author: Sakusaku Saradasen / Kizuna
Size: B5     Pages: 26
Type: Gag / Normal / Serious
Series: Guardian Force
Published: March 2001
As the cover states, it's a Karl and Thomas-centric fanbook. Has a bunch of gags and a nice story about the bond between brothers. The author's notes page also has a cute paper-doll style O'Connell.

Title: Shokuba Renai
Circle / Artist / Author: --
Size: A5     Pages: 98
Type: Gag / Normal / Shounen-ai + Novel
Series: Guardian Force
Published: March 17, 2002
Anthology of Herman x O'Connell stories from 14 different artists/circles/authors. This book has a rare colored page featuring a drawing of the pair. In it O'Connell seems to be a fan of Batman and eye searing color combinations.

Title: S-P-O-I!!
Circle / Artist / Author: Natsuki Yuhnoske
Size: A5     Pages: 84
Type: Gag / Shounen-ai
Series: Zoids, Guardian Force
Published: December 29, 2001
Anthology of the artist's previous doujinshi Zoid's Seranade, Zoid's Pessimism, Zoid's Optimism and Inuneko Hiyatsuka minus the novels by Saitou Isam that is usually part of each doujinshi. You can find my comments on the content of the first three books on the site. The fourth one (which I don't have separately) seems to be a set of illustrations that are Thomas x Karl-centric.