Cybernation; a Zoids doujinshi site
Cybernation; a Zoids doujinshi site
Title: Hard Trance Acperiance
Circle / Artist / Author: Freak Corporation / MatumotoInaki / KillerBambi (FasterPussycat) / SatanAllbyte
Size: B5     Pages: 36
Type: Gag
Series: Zoids, Guardian Force
Published: February 18, 2001
No, I did not misspell the title. Honestly, some of the gags (or rather the art) are somewhat disturbing. One involving Ban's sister's somewhat puzzling decision to make her brother half a shirt, in particular, freaks me out.

Title: Hot & Cool
Circle / Artist / Author: --
Size: A5     Pages: 42
Type: Novel
Series: Guardian Force
Published: December 29, 2000
Ban x Irvine novel. Can't read it so other than that, I have no clue what it's about.

Title: It's a Beautiful Day
Circle / Artist / Author: Jokyoku Tamaboro
Size: B5     Pages: 52
Type: Normal / Gag
Series: Zoids, Guardian Force
Published: ??
A mix of cute gags, odd gags (one seemingly involving Rudolf, Viola and Rosso running a convenience store while dressed like Foot Locker employees) and cute looking friendship stories (Moonbay and Irvine and Raven and Liese). Also, I'm not sure if this was something that they did for all the books, but there's a cute little O'Connell and Hermann sticker stuck on the inside cover.

Title: Leidenschaft
Circle / Artist / Author: S.C. City / Hakuryu-Do / Rei-Pro / Ra-i Hashiba / Rei Himura
Size: B5     Pages: 50
Type: Shounen-ai + Novel
Series: Guardian Force
Published: May 6, 2001
The main story (which seems to involve Thomas nursing Ban back to health) confuses me a bit. I'm not too sure about the chronology -- do they already have an established relationship or does the relationship evolve from the aforementioned caring? And is this part of the circle's Karl/Ban universe, because the smooch that Thomas lays on Ban (initally to feed him a pill) seems to remind Ban of Karl.

Title: Love Love Holiday
Circle / Artist / Author: Kizuna / Niki / Fukukantyou
Size: B5     Pages: 40
Type: Gag / Serious / Shounen-ai
Series: Guardian Force
Published: May 13, 2001
A bunch of Karl x Thomas gags. My favorite would be the story at the end which finds Thomas (for whatever reason) seemingly reluctant to meet with the gang post-Guardian Force. This book also contains one of my all time favorite images: a young Karl sheltering his brother from the rain while Thomas is sheltering a kitten.

Title: Makeruna Mijyukumono
Circle / Artist / Author: Niisan Jiken Desu! / Mayumi Sugawara
Size: B5     Pages: 28
Type: Gag / Serious / Shounen-ai
Series: Guardian Force
Published: August 11, 2001
A Karl x Thomas book. I can't really say much more as nothing really stood out to me in the book, except maybe that Karl dressed as a maid just seems wrong.

Title: Masukotto Shinrigaku
Circle / Artist / Author: --
Size: B5     Pages: 22
Type: Gag / Shounen-ai
Series: Guardian Force
Published: November 3, 2000
As the back says, it's a Thomas-centric book. While it has Thomas interacting with the usual suspects (Karl, Fine, Ban, and Irvine) it also has shorts with Liese and Raven. Although you can't tell from the scans, the cover has a nice metallic sheen to it.

Title: Ordinary, But Happy Days
Circle / Artist / Author: M. Akinaka
Size: A5     Pages: 16
Type: Normal / Serious
Series: Guardian Force, Zoids Saga
Published: November 24, 2002
I definately overpaid for this one, but it's one of my favorites. (Although this might be a copy bon, in which case I didn't overpay as much as I originally thought I had, but it still was pretty pricey.) Has a very short, but beautifully drawn Ban x Fine story. Back cover features a short gag with Ban, Fine and the Zoids Saga characters.