a zoids card gallery
Welcome to the corner of the web housing my Zoids card collection. I'm still actively collecting, so check back from time to time for new additions. If you're interested in buying, I do have some for sale and since my collection is far from complete and I'm also open to trades and sales.

I have tried to translate a few of the card titles, but since I have no Japanese language skills whatsoever, there's a good chance of my translations being completely wrong so any corrections are welcome. Also, please do not take scans for use elsewhere without asking.

Cards are sorted by series and booster. The numbers indicate (cards scanned) / (cards in the series).

Republic Starter Set Republic Starter
40 / 40
Republic Booster 2 Republic Booster 2
20 / 31
Republic Booster 3 Republic Booster 3
35 / 35
Exciting Booster Exciting Booster (Republic)
50 / 63
Empire Starter Set Empire Starter
40 / 40
Empire Booster 2 Empire Booster 2
27 / 32
Empire Booster 3 Empire Booster 3
39 / 37
Exciting Booster Exciting Booster (Empire)
50 / 63
Scramble Volume 1 Scramble Vol. 1
99 / 99
Scramble Volume 2 Scramble Vol. 2
45 / 45
Scramble Volume 3 Scramble Vol. 3
90 / 90
Card Colosseum Volume 1 Card Colosseum Vol. 1
52 / 52
Card Colosseum Volume 2 Card Colosseum Vol. 2
52 / 52
Promotional Cards Promotional Cards (All Series)
13 / ??
Trading Collection Light Vol. 1 Trading Collection Light Vol. 1
50 / 65
Trading Colleciton Light Vol. 2 Trading Collection Light Vol. 2
54 / 54

10/20/2020: As I've been getting some more inquiries about cards for sale, I've updated the sales page a little. Basically, what's listed should be available and I do have more that are not listed (and from other sets/volumes that I haven't scanned) for sale, so feel free to ask away. Also, if you're looking for Zoids merchandise, I do have items that I haven't listed for sale, so feel free to ask about those as well.

Also, Falcarius has put up a fully playable and translated english version of Volume 1 of the Scramble set over on Phenotype's Forum. Go check that out!